Mind, body & emotion

Find more safety in the body and in connection with others 

Whatever your starting point coaching can help you  find more feeling, connected relationships and authentic sexuality

For questions and bookings contact: alimanncoaching@gmail.com

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About coaching

The more of yourself you have access to, and have integrated, the more points of connection you have with others. 

My name is Ali Mann and I am a Certified Psychosexual Somatics (PST) relationships sex and intimacy coach, working one-on-one or in workshop settings. My work is trauma informed, heart-based and client lead.  

Come home to your body and its wisdom.


I hold a non-judgemental space for you to explore whatever is meaningful to you and feel into any blocks or fears that might be holding you back from presence, safety and healing. 

The space that coaching creates, allows you to get in touch with more of your self and your internal world, needs, boundaries and desires. This somatic awareness helps to regulate your nervous system, creating more safety in the body and the availability for connection. The more of yourself that is integrated, the more of yourself you have access too, bringing more power, resources, vulnerability, all the things that lead to a fulfilling and loving connection with yourself and others.  

Please get in touch for rates, if you would like to work together or have any questions. I have a few lower-income spaces also upon request.


I warmly welcome people of all genders and races, sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Clients &


“I have had four coaching sessions with Ali and she made me feel that I was in a safe space to share in every single one. I was able to speak freely and without the feeling that I had to hold back on certain experiences or emotions involved. The sessions with her gave me the possibility to speak out loud what had been rumouring in my head for a while, as I was not able to share this with anyone else in my environment in an objective and non-judgmental way as with Alakina. After the sessions, many thoughts would suddenly come together, make sense and give me the opportunity to work and heal from certain experiences. Thank you, Ali!”

Why work with connection?

Connection  is the foundation of every relationship, whether to ourselves or to others. Relationships affect every aspect of our lives, professional, social and romantic and have profound implications for our health, resilience, happiness, sense of self and belonging.

Do you feel like you have to compromise for connection? What if you could show up as your authentic self and be loved and feel connected just as you are? 

I can support you to explore how you currently view connection and create a safe place to build healthy connected relationships, to others and yourself. 


Coaching could be helpful if you resonate with the following...

  • Find close relationships and intimacy difficult

  • Feel alone or disconnected

  • Feelings of 'unsafe' in the body

  • Notice that your relationships follow a particular pattern, stuckness or superficiality.

  • Feelings of overwhelm or ‘losing yourself’ 

  • Feel out of touch with your sense of self and desires

  • Difficulty with orgasm and pleasure, or vulvic pain

  • Feel out of touch with your sexuality, sensuality or pleasure

  • Feel low energy, tired & stressed. 

  • Feel out of touch with your creative self and flow. 

And want to move towards...

  • Communicate better and authentically

  • Fulfilling relationships and have more intimacy

  •  Find new ways of relating to others and find more belonging

  • Foster a clearer, more integrated and grounded sense of self

  • Find more creativity, aliveness and energy 

  • More resilience and ease and security

  • Move towards more pleasure and desire

  • Build stronger boundaries and get your needs met.

  • Connect to sexual energy and desires. 


 “Everything wants to be seen” - PST



By tapping into intuitive wisdom of mind and body, I support you to bring awareness to these thoughts feelings and patterns and have them seen. This can start to re-regulate the nervous system, moving from feelings of unsafe to safe, bringing more presence and resilience in challenging circumstances and conscious choice into the self and relationship. More of you becomes available to be seen, if it can be seen it becomes available to be loved.


If you're feeling overwhelmed, alone or particularly disconnected in this time of uncertainty and physical disconnection I can hold a place for you to talk, share your experiences, feel and resource yourself. My training is trauma informed, although please note however I am not a clinical psychiatrist.