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Anonymous Review of PST Coaching Method

How would you describe PST in your own words?

A therapy that lets you explore whatever feelings are going on, it doesn't have an avenue or agenda. It's about creating a safe space where you can really feel whatever is going in your body and heart and soul, that for whatever reason you're having difficulty feeling. It's not opinionated, it doesn't presume you are a certain way. 


Why do you want this?

I often don't know what question I'm trying to ask of myself. I have feelings going on inside that I don't understand, these feelings are often driving my life in ways I don't understand. 

So having a space to explore those feelings without judgment or any preconception of what I should be doing or ‘getting it right’, feels very new and empowering.


What has that meant to your life?

It means I can understand these feelings, now I understand myself better.

And that's made me a happier and more connected person. I feel like I really understand myself now in a way I really didn’t before.

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